Top Magnetic Lighting System

Stik-N-Shoot The System

Foolproof Tactical Lighting

Hunting is complicated enough without having to deal with equipment failure. You will not find a more reliable easy-to-use tactical light than the Stik-n-Shoot. Our motto is “Stik it on and smoke ‘em!” for a reason—because it’s that simple. With a proven distance of 300 yards, the Stik-n-Shoot’s Mamba green light uses CREE technology and will give you the accuracy, ease of use, and tight tactical beam you've always wanted, but haven't been able to find in other products. No more worrying about strapping on an uncomfortable bobbing head lamp or worrying about damaging/scratching your scope with an attached light. The Stik-n-Shoot attaches to the barrel with the most powerful magnets available on the market requiring an astonishing 108 pounds of magnetic pressure to remove.


Why Stik-N-Shoot?