The Invisible Tactical Light

Stik-N-Shoot The System

Night Time Hunting

In this video, Stik-n-Shoot’s Wes Adamson will show you how effective the Stik-n-Shoot is when dealing with the ever-troublesome coyote. Most active at night and in the early morning, coyotes get up to mischief when humans are not around. That’s what makes them so difficult to deal with. Night hunting for coyotes is a given. Don’t worry about them catching on to your presence because of a rudimentary white light that they can easily spot—smoke ‘em with Stik-n-Shoot’s exclusive Mamba green light. It’s undetectable by any animal. Watch our video to see how effective the Stik-n-Shoot can be when dealing with these pesky predators.


Why Stik-N-Shoot?