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  • Stik N Shoot can be used on your Crossbow
  • Stik N Shoot can be used on your Shotgun
  • Stik N Shoot with optional Pressure Switch

Rifle/Shotgun/Crossbow Stik N Shoot

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Product Description

  • 3 AAA batteries provide over 3 hours maximum illumination
  • Light 4.5” x 1” diameter, bezel and barrel
  • Works in freezing weather
  • Ultra low profile—just 2” high
  • 310 lumen light reaches 300 yards
  • Water resistant
  • Top-of-the-line rare-earth neodymium N-42 magnets
  • Takes 108 pounds of pressure to remove it from the barrel
  • Additional two-stage pressure switch available
  • One year limited warranty
  • Easily sticks to Rifles, Shotguns, and Crossbows

The Generation II Stik-n-Shoot Magentic Lighting System will revolutionize your hunting experience. Mounts instantly, won't void your scope's warranty, and you will finally be free to concentrate on your prey. Light up your problem critters as if they were in the daytime. Boars, coyotes and raccoons don’t stand a chance when you use a Stik-n-Shoot to light ‘em up and smoke ‘em. The intense mamba green light can’t be seen by predators who don’t have the color receptors for the color green.

The Stik-n-Shoot was designed by hunters for hunters to pop instantly on and off of the barrel of any gun but not come off until you want it to pulling 108 pounds of pressure. Best of all, it is not affected by freezing weather and doesn’t require you to purchase or carry around expensive batteries when the temperature drops.

Weighing in at 11.2 ounces, you will hardly notice the Stik-n-Shoot on your weapon until you need it. Find nocturnal predators quickly and easily with the Stik-n-Shoot, and keep it on hand for home safety, household repairs, such as plumbing and a hands-free operation. Don’t get stuck hunting and holding the light for your hunting buddy ever again—get a Stik-n-Shoot and experience night hunting like you never have before.

We’ve sold thousands of Stik-n-Shoots to satisfied hunters. But don’t take our word for it—see our testimonials page for more information.

Product Reviews

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  1. Great Green Light

    Posted by Sighkovvvvvv on 4th Mar 2018

    I have had the first gen light for 6 years now and it still works great. I bought this light to reach out past 100 yards and this light does the trick.Have spotted critters out to 150 yards in fields. Have not tried in dense cover yet. Definately recommend if you want to see eyeballs in the night.

  2. green light

    Posted by wayne on 5th Sep 2017

    Love this green light works great

  3. Stik N Shoot

    Posted by Courtney Parker on 29th Oct 2015

    Great customer service and great product.

  4. Best light for shooting Coons!

    Posted by Corey Davis on 22nd Jul 2015

    Me and my buddy Marshall Freeman coon hunt with dogs on a regular basis and this is the best light for shooting them out of the tallest trees! On this particular night my coon dog shine trailed and treed a big boar coon about 700 yards from where she struck it. Without this light we would of never been able to shoot it out. Thanks Stik N Shoot for a great product.

11.20 Ounces
$7.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

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