Ward Hegeler

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“I love my Stik n Shoot. I have hunted with it in 5 states and two countries. I was skeptical at first, thinking that the first good limb was going to knock it off of my barrel, but that magnet is so strong that you will hit the ground before the light does. Great for hunting and home defense. I keep one on my shotgun, my  AR-15, my bow for hunting predators/hogs as well as one on my bowfishing bow for gar/carp. I also have one on my Judge revolver for my family to be safe when I am at work on the rigs. No rails, no mounts, no screws, just as simple as possible.......a light that magnetically sticks on and off your gun. I take it off my gun to light the way to my truck when I am done calling. A great gift to any coon hunter or bowfisherman as well. Thanks Stik n Shoot, I am forever a fan.”


Why Stik-N-Shoot?