Stik-n-Shoot Testimonials - nighttime fox hunting lights

Matt Davidson

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"Wes invented the Stik-n-Shoot to light up the scope like daytime.  Pass it on to your friends:  it works!  Me and my ten-year-old son use ours in the field continuously."

Marty Booth - Pro Staffer for Stik N Shoot

"Stik-n-Shoot is a great light and I have taken many animals using it.  I am a full-time trapper and I use it regularly!  It is by far and away my favorite light to use!  Just stick it on and you're on your way!"

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Mark Shepis

As an avid hunter and licensed Taxidermist for the past 25 years, I have acquired many products for hunting. The first thing I pack before going on a trip is my Magnetic light source, Stik n Shoot. This product is useful from start to finish. It’s used to get into the woods without detection while hunting for varmits and [...]

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Ward Hegeler

“I love my Stik n Shoot. I have hunted with it in 5 states and two countries. I was skeptical at first, thinking that the first good limb was going to knock it off of my barrel, but that magnet is so strong that you will hit the ground before the light does. Great for [...]

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