Stik-n-Shoot Testimonials - hog hunting

Cade Turnnage

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Doing a little bit of field rat hunting, eliminating some of the coyote population in East Texas.

Callie White

I’m Callie White, and my husband Dustin, and I were walking along the railroad tracks hog hunting. We came across a bridge that was an old train trestle. As we approached the trestle, we had to walk slowly to step across the tracks without falling in the creek beneath us. While walking across the bottomless tracks, I stopped in my tracks [...]

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Kevin Douglas - Quitman FFA Alumni Hog Hunt

“We hunted and won the Quitman FFA alumni hog hunt this year and used the STIK N SHOOT lighting system while hunting at night. The brightness of the green light is amazing. When attached to the gun it really enhances vision in your scope and makes your target highly visible. You won’t have to worry [...]

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Elizabeth White Hester

"This is the hog I got Saturday night and would not have gotten it without my Stik-n-Shoot!  Thanks, Wes!"

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Marty Booth - Pro Staffer for Stik N Shoot

"Stik-n-Shoot is a great light and I have taken many animals using it.  I am a full-time trapper and I use it regularly!  It is by far and away my favorite light to use!  Just stick it on and you're on your way!"

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