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Give me that Stik N Shoot!

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"I've lost a lot of friends but gained a ton more so I've been sending invites to the page I 'Prostaff' for Stik N Shoot Magnetic Lighting Systems. Let Wes Adamson know I sent ya! I don't get to post much about the lights and us using them except during Coon season November to February. Sometimes it is hard hunting and that means even less pics to post. I love my lights and they are PERFECT for coon hunting. My dad gets so excited and says, "Rach! Stick that white light on my gun!" Use to he let me do all the shooting! Lol now he wants to Bc he loves that light! No adjusting your Coon light on your hat trying to get the coon lit up and spending precious time trying to find it. Raise your gun, light is on the coon and shoot! I don't bow fish or have hogs around here to kill but I do know it'd work great for that. Want to do some night coyote hunting? I know for a fact that these lights are perfect for that! I have both white and green lights and green is green for spotting the coons eyes. White is great too but best when shooting them out of the tree. So if you want to find out how great they are... Just shoot Wes a message!"
From one of our Stik N Shoot Pro-Staff, Rachel Denton (via social media post)


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