Mark Shepis

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As an avid hunter and licensed Taxidermist for the past 25 years, I have acquired many products for hunting. The first thing I pack before going on a trip is my Magnetic light source, Stik n Shoot. This product is useful from start to finish. It’s used to get into the woods without detection while hunting for varmits and out of the woods safe. This product is also used on my ATV as it’s light source working through rough terrain without any problems or mistakes. Leaving the woods, pastures, on a boat, it finds a home & is a guide to my favorite fishing hole.

I have enjoyed this product, by far, more than I thought I would. Stik N Shoot has added three times the distance than any other product out in the field & there is no better feeling than having a product that works every time it’s used.


Why Stik-N-Shoot?