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Mark Nuttman knows a thing or two about the outdoors:  he was an agricultural major at Cal Poly.  An avid outdoorsman, he has brought down everything from bobcats to coyotes out in the California hills.  He says of his Stik-n-Shoot:

"The SNS is one bad-ass system!  I got this cat on Sunday night on public land near my hunting club in the Central Valley.  I was hunting on the dge of the river bottom using my Foxpro call and Mojo decoy.  it was just after dark around 6:30 p.m. when I had been playing the lighting jack call for about 5 minutes.  I gave it a minute and a half break and in a few minutes I went into my fawn distress when this bad boy popped out of nowhere at 17 yards between me and the call/decoy that was at 25 yards.  I had been doing intermittent scans with the Stik-n-Shoot scanning light when I picked up the cat from behind a big sagebrush.  My shotgun was already resting on my shoulder ready to go so it was a quick and easy transition to my barrel mounted light thanks to the pressure switch.  The big tom was locked on my call and decoy but when I pulled up on him he turned his head, his eye shine was bright breen with a very slight yellow tint which went black real quick with the pull of the trigger letting the 3"00 buck do its damage.  The Stik-n-Shoot kicks butt--thanks Wes!"  

We were smart enough to make Mark a pro-staffer and are extremely pleased at all the footage he has provided us using his Stik-n-Shoot.  Here Mark is out coyote hunting:


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