Judy Rhodes, DIVA's International

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Judy Rhodes of DIVAs International recommends the Stik-n-Shoot heartily:  "Have you ever wanted to shoot a hog in the dark?  Now you can!  Stik-n-Shoot made this possible for me!  I shot a 40 lb hog at 229 yards square behind the ear using my Stik-n-Shoot.  It was midnight and my guide did not think it was possible!  I also used Stik-n-Shoot on my leopard .223 DPMS/Panther Arms AR-15.  It gave me the perfect green light to take aim on the hogs without disturbing the "sounder." 

Judy knows a thing or two about hunting--she's a rancher's daughter who grew up shooting.  She felt that too many women didn't take the opportunity to get outdoors and empower themselves through hunting, so she helped found DIVA Internationals or Women Outdoors Worldwide.  It has members in 49 states and fifteen foreign countries.  The DIVAs promote safe hunting practices and encourage women to take up shooting sports. Judy has been using the Stik-n-Shoot nearly since its inception and wouldn't be without it when predator hunting.


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