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I have night hunted in the past, mainly for alligators and hogs. On a recent trip to South Africa we were hunting on a damage control permit for a large agricultural farm and producer of pepper, melons, tomatoes and oranges. Legal species to take at night included the bushpig, bushbuck, duiker and porcupine. My primary target was the bushbuck and my equipment included the Stik N Shoot.

The water-resistant Stik N Shoot Magnetic Lighting System is a 300 lumen LED light that operates on 3 AAA batteries to provide 4 hours of continuous use. The light is attached to you rifle or shotgun with a 3″ magnetic block, which uses 4 N42 magnets that provide 108 pounds of magnetic pressure. This unit mounts the light to the firearm and keeps the light securely in place.

You can add a pressure switch assembly so you can easily turn the light on with minimal hand movement, and only when you need it. There is also a stabilizer extension, which will take your Stik N Shoot from the firearms to the crossbow simply and easily. Just replace the main bolt with the stabilizer extension and the magnetic block firmly attaches for your next night hunting adventure.

When I received the Stik N Shoot, the first thing I noticed was how well made everything was. This was not a cheaply made plastic product, but a well designed and produced light and attachment, using only quality materials. I put the Stik N Shoot on the stabilizer extension for my crossbow, I needed both hands to remove it! This was not going to come off during normal or even extreme hunting conditions!

In South Africa we road in “bakkies” that were Land Cruisers modified to have seats mounted in the back of the truck, elevated so that your view is unobstructed. We drove around looking for eyes glowing in the night. Our guides were able to determine which animal the eyes belonged to and if it was a shooter or not. While most “eyes” were around 20 to 30 yards outs, we did illuminate a duiker that was out approximately 50 yards.diane-baxter-hassinger.jpg

The green light did not spook the animals at all. Many types of animals were illuminated including; bushpig, porcupine, duiker, steenbuck, kudu, impala, nyala, jackals, spring hare and of course bushbuck. When I had the opportunity to shoot my bushbuck, the light clearly lit up the area my gun was aiming for. Stik N Shoot was there when harvesting of my first bushbuck. I can’t wait to try this on gators and hogs this fall. Just like the Stik N Shoot website claims, “They will never know what hit ‘em.”

Diane Baxter Hassinger


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