Callie White

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I’m Callie White, and my husband Dustin, and I were walking along the railroad tracks hog hunting. We came across a bridge that was an old train trestle. As we approached the trestle, we had to walk slowly to step across the tracks without falling in the creek beneath us. While walking across the bottomless tracks, I stopped in my tracks as I saw a 30lb beaver crossing slowly beneath my feet under the bridge. I saw the beaver swimming very slowly as he was approaching something in the water. I turned my STIK N SHOOT on and with the intensity of the light, I could see the body clearly. It never affected him one bit. He never knew I was there. I used my 25-06 and my magnetic STIK N SHOOT, and I smoked that bad boy!! The creek is running again now. Thanks STIK N SHOOT, Dustin and I love your products!!! Everyone should have a STIK N SHOOT!!!!!


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