Stik-n-Shoot Testimonials

Best tactical light for police work


"Lightweight, compact, quick and easy, all a plus when seconds count and tensions are high, I've used loads of tac lights in police work and wouldn't trade my stik n shoot light for any other one. Best light I've ever had"---J.Padier K-9 unit, Paris Police Department - Paris, TX

Great light for your shotguns

"I've used it once already on a shotgun at night...worked great" from Chad Brakebill, Paris Police Department - Paris, TX

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Versatile Product

"I like them they are very versatile and rugged. Good light." Officer Forest Bigler, Paris Police Department - Paris, TX

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Rack & Tac - Stik N Shoot style

"Rack and tac!!! And your ready to go!!! Great light! It gives us on patrol the edge when gear can make the difference in going home safe at the end of the shift" Officer Garcia #2437, Paris Police Department - Paris, TX

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Stik N Shoot is Awesome!

"It's awesome" Officer Armstrong, Paris Police Department - Paris, TX

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Lighting up gun sites everywhere

"Ok, I really like it because it helps my pre-senior eyes find the gun sites especially at night" SGT Milton, Paris Police Department - Paris, TX

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We need your input!

Hey guys!We're working on a new hunting product to add to the Stik N Shoot lineup and we want to get your opinions.We've come across an awesome, cost-effective, green laser light that can go from a pinpoint to broad ring and operates on either lithium or alkaline batteries. The plan is to mount this light [...]

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Best light system

"The Stik-N-Shoot is hands down the best light system I have ever used, whether it is for hunting or home defense! Being able to slap it on my gun, bow, or pistol in a second is exactly why I always carry one in my hunting pack as well as in my home." Mark Nuttman, SNS Pro-Staffer

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Damage Control help from Stik N Shoot

Stik N Shoot customer, Frankie Kelley, of South Carolina writes:"1 of 3 beavers took on SC deer lease doing a lot of damage to a pond and flooding farm land."

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Give me that Stik N Shoot!

"I've lost a lot of friends but gained a ton more so I've been sending invites to the page I 'Prostaff' for Stik N Shoot Magnetic Lighting Systems. Let Wes Adamson know I sent ya! I don't get to post much about the lights and us using them except during Coon season November to February. [...]

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